We aim to build juicy and memorable experiences. These times, companies have to stay in constant movement. We want to come up with the unexpected, and remain being unpredictable. We want to do it better and stronger with our twist.

Our Office


Dum Dum was founded in November 2015, by Sergio Martínez and Mario Julián. We are an office of creatives working closely with collaborators across the fields. The circle has remained a small structure with the intention of having full attention in every outcome and process during a project; that allows us to brighten up the real substance with our full energy. Although there is a continious progress in our work, some might say there is a kind of DNA in it. But we are a force that grows, in many different directions. That is a gift and a curse. Our hability to express it and still make a connection in whatever we do makes us who we are.


Our Approach


Everything is always changing and design should be able to adapt. We’ve learned brands learn, evolve and need to modify. We don’t see a brand as only a logo, but as a dynamic system that knows how to evolve along. These times products should be thought as emotional experiences that shine contexts and situations; therefore we are interested in creating brands based on relationships. In that way, we approach a brand as a breathing organism.


Our Services

We are creatives with talent and ambition making new and cheeky values for modern companies. Transforming misunderstood outputs into one unforgettable experience; our projects channel a brand’s true identity into designing everything from brand guidelines, visual identities, campaigns, magazines to packaging, exhibitions and spaces. Dum Dum creates new brands, help the established ones align their communication and design lots of fearless messages in different formats.


Creative Direction for
Brand Identity Systems, Brand Strategy, Brand Communication, Stationary, Exhibition/Activations, Editorial, Illustration, Typography, Digital Content, Visual Identities


Art Direction for
Architecture, Interiors, Installations, Photography/Video, Website UX/UI


Our Information


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Monterrey, NL, México


Williamsburg, NY, USA


+52 1 (81) 1531 9889